Posted on 2018/09/5

Cafe&Bar “via”


For my next stage, I have started a new project “cafe&bar via”. The purpose is making a new community and free culture with an original worldview. Our team designed fictional cafe and the characters, and we are going to provide them as free resources for creators who wants to spread their community.

I aim to place this cafe worldview in the society naturally. Creating one of the big original worldview is the first time for me. How we can spread this world? How we can make people fun with our world? This project is very significant for my life theme.

As a first work, I designed a table with “via” worldview at the exhibition United Sotsuse Project Po.

私の次のステージとして、「cafe&bar via」というプロジェクトをはじめました。独自の世界観で新たなコミュニティーとフリーカルチャーを作ることが目的です。架空のカフェとキャラクターをデザインし、それらをコミュニティーを広げたいクリエイターに向けてフリー素材として提供します。


まず最初の作品として、展示会「United Sotsuse Project Po」にてカフェをイメージしたテーブルを展示しました。


Illustration by 水月ミキネ, Millet

Official Website: